How to Start a Freelancing Business!

Hi Guys! I wanted to make a post on how to start a freelancing business. In our society it seems as if everyone is starting businesses in the social media platform which can be intimidating! Don't allow this to intimidate you, but let it inspire you! If others can do it, why can't you? That being said, the first thing to do when starting a freelancing business is to take risks, step out in faith! Putting your work out there can sometimes feel intimidating, but this is the first step into getting your business started. You want to get the word out. Start posting what you love! Start telling people what you plan to do with your business.

Having a Vision


Recently I have been realizing how valuable having a vision is. In all areas really! I have been reading the scripture "If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves;
But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed." Proverbs 29:18 (MSG) 

When we have a vision we have purpose. With a vision we get to have something to hold onto as we walk through life. For example, I find having a vision helps when I am designing something. If I have an idea of what to design before I start, it helps pave a path for where I want the design to go. I have been realizing that this whole "vision" idea is also important in life. If we seek God and allow Him to reveal things to our hearts, we get to have insight into what God wants to do in our lives. This is SO AMAZING! I hope this encourages someone that God has an awesome vision for your life, and if you allow Him, He will show you it! <3

Inspire Yourself!


Need some inspiration? Mood boards are an amazing way to get the creative juices flowing. Before I begin on projects I usually create a mood board. It is a way for me to start the process and to stretch myself outside of the box. For me this is much needed. I usually take a trip to Michaels and look for inexpensive items like paper and material that go along with the color scheme that my client wants. To some this may seem like extra work, but it can't really help start the process!!

Hi There!


I LOVE life and love sharing my creative projects with those around me. I also love sharing encouragement and refreshing posts through social media. Something I have been learning recently is that it is never to late to try something new! You are never to old to figure out a new hobby or interest. I am excited to share more thoughts like this. Feel free to reach out and connect, I would love to hear from you!