How to Start a Freelancing Business!

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Hi Guys! I wanted to make a post on how to start a freelancing business. In our society it seems as if everyone is starting businesses in the social media platform which can be intimidating! Don't allow this to intimidate you, but let it inspire you! If others can do it, why can't you? That being said, the first thing to do when starting a freelancing business is to take risks, step out in faith! Putting your work out there can sometimes feel intimidating, but this is the first step into getting your business started. You want to get the word out. Start posting what you love! Start telling people what you plan to do with your business.

For me, I am a free-lance graphic designer, web-developer, and calligrapher in Dallas. It isn't always easy posting work, but when I do I see the positive reaction. When you put your work out there, it helps spread the word. It lets people know what you can do, and if they ever have a project or need something they will remember you! 

Some other things I have done is researched other freelancers and have learned tips and tricks to starting a business and getting the word out. Youtube was one of the best resources! I watched videos like to help me understand what other freelances do and how it all works! For me I had to get specific and I would research "How to become a freelance graphic designer" or "How to become a freelance web-designer." Make sure you specify exactly what you want to learn and who you want to target. 

I hope this help on how to get started as a freelancer! <3