Designing a Wedding Invitation Set!


Wedding Invitation design has been one of my favorite items to design. This was one of my first sets that I got to create for a dear friend. It was so exciting at the time! I went to school for graphic design, and didn't realize it would lead to something like custom made wedding invitations! 

I have learned that we may not always know what something can lead us to.  I have taken steps to learn something new and then all the sudden find myself doing something with it that was completely different than I had in mind. This is totally okay! I think that is part of the process, and also can keep things interesting.

When I first started creating wedding invitations I had NO idea where to begin. So I asked google. That when I found Paper Source, Paper Divas, Target, Michaels, and other paper supply stores that sometimes even have whole sets ready for invitation design.  Sure, it can be challenging having to find the right color, and the right paper for the client but it is an altogether exciting process to be able to take part is someones special day!

After picking out the right colors, I begin the design process. Usually this includes some calligraphy if the bride wants a more elegant feel. This also includes creating a design that will fit the brides unique detail for her wedding. After the paper, and design is ready, then comes the printing, and then WALA! The wedding invitation is ready for use! It is so wonderful seeing all of the pieces to a wedding invitation set beautifully come together. <3